A multimode microwave cavity to perform faster Digestion (Open vessel), Evaporation, Extraction and Synthesis with ease.

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Offers . . .

  • Capacity to handle large amount of organic samples
  • Provides almost 50% time reductions in case of extractions
  • Convenient tool to study chemical synthesis  on small and large sample quantities
  • Temperature controlled microwave power delivery
  • Time-to-Power control mode, with choice of 5 power levels
  • Unique microwave-leakage-proof outlet to insert glass condenser
  • Can easily accommodate 500 ml Flask
  • Possibility to change  functional parameters during run
  • Allows addition of reagents  while microwave power is being delivered
  • Magnetic stirring to ensures uniform microwave distribution
  • Safety Door Interlocks to cut of microwave power
  • 3 selectable exhaust speeds (up to 120 cfm) to remove solvent fumes
  • Accepts variety of glassware for specialty applications like Kjeldahl Nitrogen and  Soxhlet Extraction

Ease of Operation . .

  • Set all operational parameters through one panel
  • Set Time up to 60 min
  • Power from 100 to 500 Watt
  • Magnetic stirring with 8 speed settings
  • Set Temperature  up to  350 °C

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