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Custom Automation

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All –Plastic automations for corrosive environment

As the need of time all the laboratories are thriving for better productivity and safety. Automation of repetitive and risky process is the key for achieving these objectives. Questron has been acquiring expertise in field of automation typically meant for corrosive environment. As a part of this development Questron has acquired different functionalities.

Commonly available Metal robotic parts fail in no time when it comes to corrosive and humid environment. Questron can now design a complex motion using all engineered plastic parts.

All plastic robotic components

XYZ motion arm All plastic Piston

Motion and Temperature control

Questron has its indigenously developed motion and temperature control module. It is capable of controlling 4 motors and 2 temperatures.

6 Channel Syringe Pump

Questron’s 6 Channel syringe pump is the only pump in industry capable of operating each syringe independently using just one motor. IT is capable of handling all the acids and reagents without any issues. It can be customised to accept different sizes of syringes.

Let us know about your process, We want to extend our expertise in achieving your objectives.

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