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  • New Instrumentation
  • Refurbished Instruments
  • New Sample Prep
  • Parts and Service
  • Consumables
  • Leasing Options Available

“Helping your lab run more efficient and cost effective!”

Ai-instruments is a new company with a long history.  The roots of the company goes back into the early 80’s. The key players in starting Ai worked in laboratories, sales and instrument services.

The experience they brought with them, helps us understand the needs of today’s chemist.  We understand our role in your operation to help make you be successful.

Call us, talk to us, let us help you succeed.

New Instrumentation

automate-iconHg Analyzers, ICP’s, and DC-ARC’s.

New Sample Prep

consumable-icon2Block Digester, Automated Block Digester, and Microwave Digesters.


ConsumablesTorches, Nebulizers, Load coils and Standards.

Refurbished Instruments

refurbished_iconICP’s, ICP/MS’s, DCP’s (we have very easy leasing options).

Parts and Service

refurbished2TJA-ICP, Thermo-ICP, ARL-ICP/Spark, Beckman DCP, and Legacy ICP’s TJA/PE/ARL/Leeman-ICP’s, PE-ICP-MS, and Beckman DCP’s

Leasing Options Available

leasing_iconLeasing offers the best of both worlds – low cost of entry and included maintenance.